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Classic Chandelier Beneath Recessed Ceiling With Flat Crown Molding Idea With Rectangle Texture On The White Section Beneath Cream Tone
Evening Hue Wall Design With White Accent And Wall Lantern And Flat Crown Molding Idea With Fireplace
Brown Wooden Flat Crown Molding Design Beneath Textured White Concrete Ceiling Design With Metal Rod
Unfurnished Livingroom With Fireplace
Cream Wall Design With Adorable White Flat Crown Molding Design With Wall Palette And Clock Design
Cream Wall Design With White Accent And Flat Crown Molding Idea With Glass Wall And Arched Fireplace
Adorable Flat Crown Molding Design From Concrete Material Upon White Wall With Black Framed Wall Mirror
White Wooden Door Design With Brown Frame On Cream Wall With White Ceiling And Brown Wooden Flat Crown Molding
Luxurious Bold Flat Crown Molding Design On White Wall Beneath White Ceiling Design
Adorable Modern Luxurious Flat Crown Molding Idea On White Wall With White Ceiling Aside Wooden Table With Golden Shining Design

Luxurious furniture, wall, floor and architect are not yet completed without cool ceiling decoration. Touching every corner of ceiling with stunning molding will give both adorable outlook and creative design. Not just an ordinary one, flat crown molding invades every inc of your interior with luxury!

The first one I would like to introduce you a flat simple crown molding. It looks great dressed in white with large additional texture. It matches the nuance of elegant interior design with white ceiling too. Even the wall, it is added with another molding to not let the outlook boring and untouched!

The next one is quite luxurious with multilayer flat crown molding interior. Large, bold and creative are all character going to achieve from the design. It must match exclusive interior design with sophisticated architectural building.

Then, wooden flat crown molding is another awesome idea. although only appears in single layer, this molding design brings simple elegant awe for a traditional and classic house. Added with textured ceiling design, of course everything turns into a very stunning outlook!

The next one must be the greatest design ever. The flat crown molding of the interior shapes the vault design right in the center of the ceiling. It is because there are several layers added for more textured and sophisticated interior atmosphere. With a luxurious chandelier, this interior is one of unavoidable treat!

I don’t know the reason why, but I think flat crown molding always reminds me of classical appeal. In addition, lantern and soft color will be such perfect combination to make you back to the past.

Reference: www.thedesignconfidential.com

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