Modern Grand Living Room Design by Eduard Caliman

Various ideas about living room design can be found easily through catalogs or internet. You just need to write what kind of style that you want. If you want to have a luxurious living room, you can adapt a beautiful design created by Eduard Caliman. Established in Leeds, UK, Eduard Caliman has created plentiful contemporary yet extravagant living room designs and the newest one can be seen in this article.

No matter what kind of style you have in your house, the living room should be constructed fashionably since it is the room where your guests stay. Moreover, the living room becomes a gathering place for your family while enjoying a movie or TV drama. Those factors are thought well by Eduard since he designs a grand living room and he also considers the comfortableness as well. As you can see in some pictures below, the room looks minimalist with beige and white colors. The open layout makes the living room appear spacious. Located next to the dining room, the long gray sofa created by Antonio Citterio functions as a comfortable seating and as a room divider.

The beautiful lighting get people’s attention first when they observe the overall design. The crystal ceiling lamps that look like raindrop give a lovely touch for the dining room. The two luxurious chandelier-shaped floor lamps taken from Giovanni Sforza Collection in the living room really emphasize the luxurious point. Besides, on the right side of the living room, a unique mirror is installed. Taken from Visionnaire Ipe Cavalli collection, the silver feathery mirror enhances the royal ambience.


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