Black Painted Interior Doors? Why Not?

Black painted interior door? For some people it seems to be quite radical, yet once the door gets painted, the result is such an eye-opener. There are multitude of reasons to love black painted interior door. Here I’m going to unfold the reasons why.

While white door has friendly and warmer charm, black door would create elegant as well as powerful impression. I would love to say that black door is classy and unconventional on its way, with a spatters on the door with ebony paint, it instantly increase masculinity. Black door also plays big role in incorporating other black furniture within the space, so the black furniture would not be out of place. It also creates more cohesive texture.

This is pretty much important to have black door for interior if there are children in family. Black door won’t leave any visible stains once your children have their hands stained. The marks will absolutely be there yet it would be less obvious in black doors.

In low-ceilinged room, black door has ability to create illusion of making the ceiling higher. The contrast of the ceiling and the door sets the eyes on the door overlooking the low ceiling. No wonder that black door is perfect in the basement or other low-ceilinged rooms.

Another reason why must love black door is because its presence can intensify more radiant throughout a space. White or light colored interior can shine the room, yet for the gleaming effect, black door surely can do. Coat the black door with polyurethane topcoat to get maximum result.


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