Enrich Your Kitchen with Pantry Shelving System

Decorating a kitchen will never waste your time and money. it is always worthwile to spruce the space because every single day you spend lots of time in the vibe. Don’t you admit it? You, of course, start the day with a glass of milk, toast, and sometimes cereal, and you make all of them in the kitchen. One thing that sometimes becomes a problem for you, it is the kitchen shelves organization. Have you organized the kitchen well? What about to apply pantry shelving system in the kitchen?

Inspired from industrial style, you can try to install some pieces of stainless steel shelves on the wall. This is how every pantry saves the space by opting the wall use. Every single board is useful to place table ware like plate, bowl and glasses.

The next amazing idea of pantry shelving system is the use of unique space to store the appliances. For instance, you cannot miss the airy space above the island. It becomes the perfect spot to hang some pans! To give it artistic tone, rustic wooden track to install the hooks would be adorable!

Maximizing the use of the space between or above the cabinet maybe a good idea because it will never waste your space. Whether with wooden or metal material, there is no specification that you must afford.

Round shelves pantry system above the round island becomes the next awesome storage design. it cheers every movement that you make underneath. In its natural tone, you will sense the environment in lush style!

Reference: www.houzz.com

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