Pick Your Best Choice of Modern-Rustic Interiors You’re Gonna Adopt to Your Home Cabin

huge glass windows with wood frames and trims wood cladding walls rustic light fixture in black dark brown leather sofa in modern style chairs with dark green cushions and black metal frames vintage rug Pinterest

Need a fresh and new decorating idea for your home? Want a little bit chic and country for the new décor idea? Modern-rustic is the best answer. The style sounds odd but it’s actually cool and stylish. It really combines traditional-classic with modern concept; that’s why this style is more than beautiful. It’s smart. Here, I’ve shared the ideas of most favorite modern-rustic inspirations for homes, and I’m sure that you’ll inspire and won’t be long to adopt one idea that’s the best.

This lovely kitchen design is Georgia Ezra’s work assisted by her husband. She tries to cover up the space with sustainable materials, especially the natural wood that clearly builds the kitchen cabinets and kitchen counter. To support an eco-friendly concept, Ezra also maximizes the glass windows as an access where the natural light can come in through the glass panel. The opened glass window can also be air ventilator, so it can save your money and electricity.

Timber and concrete finishes dominate this space, and the combination brings a relaxed atmosphere in this bathroom. Wood delivers visual warmth, while concrete is closely related to cold look, so both are balanced. Most importantly, the concrete here give an industrial touch to this space.

I personally relate this bedroom design to manly character or maybe the bedroom looks so masculine. The color choices, ornaments, even the bedding set are so simple and uncluttered. Men love something simple, practical, and no-messy things, and this space rightly reflects those values.

Airy and bright, the living room offers the best place to relax even for people visiting this house. Supported with industrial-inspired glass windows, the space receives plenty of natural light from outside; even we can get best view only through the windows.

Calm and relaxed nuance – this place easily creates that nuance. The interior space is so simple, only consisting of a wooden bench seat with backrest and throw pillows. As the ornate pieces, the layers of gray area rugs are added, giving more textural colors to this soft-neutral space. The floor lamp is also iconic because it’s a modern-style representative.

I have no idea to call these windows. Are they the slanted glass windows? Are they just the skylight built in the slanted walls/ ceilings? Whatever they are, I really love them. They’re simply artsy and able to provide massive natural light, meaning that it’s good for the room owner who love reading in this corner chair.

Small but functional – this private workspace is visually simple, just consisting a working desk and chair, but there’s something that makes me fall in love with this place; it’s correct! The lighting fixtures. The design is unique and rarely used for other pendant lighting fixtures.

New inspiration of simple, minimalist, and modern dining space with rustic touch. This idea says to us that it’s fine to have such a gorgeous dining space. The dining space doesn’t have to be stuffy and formal; the casual one is recommended if you love using this space for gathering with the love ones. Furnishing the space with custom dining furniture, credenza, accent lighting, and gas fireplace sounds good to try.

What a beautiful reading nook. This book corner is completed with such a unique seating area. This area is a combination of modern and rustic style. The seats are actually the cut-tree trunk, really delivering what rustic is. The book rack also has a ladder to make users easier in grabbing the books. There is also an additional bench seat with some throw pillows for extra sitting area for the readers.

Cedar cabin in modern style – this place is a perfect escapism for you who miss the serenity so much. Supported with a simple daybed plus throw pillows and rolled blankets, the place completely provides what most people want like the fresh air, green trees, misty lake outside, and many others.

This is another modern cabin design I really recommend to you. The interior façade is built from the natural wood with different finishes and the glass panels for the windows and little part of front door. The wood beams and windows’ trims are kept in original tone of natural wood, but the ceilings and the door’s inside part is in black to create a contrast. About the furniture choice, a couple of industrial chairs (with dark green cushions) complete the leather sectional, exactly providing extra seats in this cool living room.

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