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A studio apartment becomes the most favorite place to stay for many families because of its affordable price and most importantly it is easy to maintain. The biggest issue about studio apartment is related to its small space which somehow distracting you from exploring your creativity. However, dividing some sections of the area may be the right choice and you can still manage to give it a personal touch.

Firstly, you need to pay more attention on the furniture placement. You need to organize every corner of the space with the right placement. For office room, you can choose open shelf furniture that can be used from both sides. By choosing open shelf, you are able to display any collections of your achievement and most importantly it will help to save the space. Dealing with bedroom area, you may need much more effort because this is the most difficult part to maintain. As the small space is the biggest problem, you may need to have pull-out sofa which can be functioned as your sleeping quarters. Or, you can also place a divider such as large cabinet that can hide your bed from the sight.

Another technique to divide your areas is playing with the colors. For contemporary space, using different shade of colors will help to create larger look. You can optimize the wall by using color blocking technique. However, if you opt to have more traditional scene, installing large rugs with darker color is a great option. Finally, you have successfully managing a studio apartment into a comfy and attracting place to stay.

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