Remarkable Themes for Baby Girl Nursery

Preparing a baby nursery is an exciting activity while you are waiting for the childbirth. However, it can be a tough job too, because you have to consider every trivial thing including the theme. Giving a theme for the nursery in the beginning stage is important because it can help you deciding what color and shape of every furniture and decorative features that are suitable in the nursery.

Various outstanding themes are available and you can choose one of them based on your baby’s gender. For example, princess theme dominated with pink color fits with a baby girl because the room looks cheerful and girly. however, in order to avoid all pink items, which are so tedious, you had better to pick wallpaper with attractive pattern or put a wall decal with princess figure instead of just painting all sides with pink. Furthermore, you can combine the pink color with white or pale green whether for the rug, crib, or curtain for a more attractive look.

Sea themed nursery is also a fresh idea. Many people think that sea theme fits more for a boy than a girl, but that is not true. Sea theme can create a stimulating atmosphere because of its soothing blue color. Merge navy, sky blue, and light blue for the interior and add sea creatures in it, such as for the hanging lamp, bedding set, or wallpaper will make your baby have a lovely sleep. If you want to introduce your baby with many more animals, you can choose jungle theme. With green as them main color, you can place any kind of animal in the interior without feeling odd because they can blend well with the theme.


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