Wabi-Sabi Interior Inspirations: Most Philosophical Interior Design Expressing Unique Imperfection

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wabi sabi interior idea with shabby gray walls coffee table with light rose tablecloth black velvet chairs wood floors Trend Design Book

Wabi Sabi Living Room Design With Dark Gray Walls Dark Gray Sectional Sofa Stripe Rug Ornate Ladder Rack Wooden Planter With Greenery
Wabi Sabi Dining Space With Modern Dining Furniture Industrial Style Light Fixture Geometric Patterned Walls
Adorable Wabi Sabi Reading Corner With White Cloth  Bed Piles Of Books Potted Greenery Natural Wooden Chair Round Glass Window With Frame
Wabi Sabi Interior With Ornate Ladder Rack Corner Chair With Wood Frame And Black Leather Cushion Ornate Stone For Greenery
Wabi Sabi Living Room Idea With Gray Floor Cushions Rough Wood Top Coffee Table Flat Woven Rug In Round Shape Light Wood Stools
Wabi Sabi Interior Idea With Shabby Gray Walls Coffee Table With Light Rose Tablecloth Black Velvet Chairs Wood Floors
Corner Chair With Dark Wood Frame And Removable Stripe Cushions Oversized Glass Pot For Dry Greenery
Wabi Sabi Bedroom Design With Unfinished Warm Walls Plus Small Window Single Bed Frame With White Bed Cloths
Oversized Pendants With Cloth Lampshades
Fancy Wabi Sabi Dining Space With Dark Wood Dining Table Wood Framed Dining Chairs With Gray Cushions Oversized Pendants

What is Wabi-Sabi? When talking about Wabi-Sabi, we directly think about the spicy sauce originally from Japan, but in home design and architecture, Wabi-Sabi means the effortlessness and natural textures (muted shades, linens, and natural shapes & patterns) expressed through the interior & exterior décor ideas. Here, we’ve collected the greatest ideas of Wabi-Sabi interiors probably can be new inspirations. Let’s check these out.

Wabi-Sabi is about the natural look and It’s well presented in this wrinkled linens that fully cover up the bed. For some people, this view is comfortable. Just imagine that you’re lying down on the bed while reading your favorite books. Light wind accessing the room through the window brings you to the best nuance as enjoyable as paradise.

This is another spot that exactly offers you much of comfort. It’s so simple; it just consists of an old wooden chair plus squishy cushions that surely makes the user always feels so comfortable and relaxed.

Natural tones dominate the space and we can obviously see in several interior items such as the oversized pendants, futuristic dining chairs, and abstract painting. The natural wood is also everywhere, visually blending with the nature surrounding the home.

These oversized pendants are adorable. Each emphasizes the huge lampshade that sends visual warmth to this room. The earthy brown lampshades are also dramatic in visual, delivering the worn but beautiful look.

Unfinished wall means the effortlessness but it’s gorgeous. It gives special texture and earthy tone to this bedroom. The space also acts like a frame filled with some unique things like the smooth nest-like lampshades.

These walls are more interesting; they have beautiful geometrical patterns on them, offering more than a texture, but the aesthetic value, too. The furniture choice also is also attractive. They keep the original shade of natural wood but are designed in modern style.

So simple but inviting. The tablecloth is kept in wrinkle look, exposing the true texture of linens. Its light pink shade has added a fresher tone to this worn interior façade. It’s like we’ve put this sweet pink cloth as the color accent in this room.

This small sitting area probably expresses the response to the modern life that commonly rigid and boring. Through this idea (only a simple chair and a greenery plus its unique planter), the designer wants to persuade us to start having minimalist life. Practical life is gonna lead us to a ‘perfect home’.

‘Back to nature’ is also the main characteristic of Wabi-Sabi lifestyle. Maybe the materials or just the natural color shades taken from the nature (like grays, earthy brown, etc) we can use to start the style. The existence of nature represented by the vivid plants or greenery also becomes the great idea to bring the nature in this style.

Rejoicing the imperfection and starting a new lifestyle that leads to ‘down-to-earth’ life can also be implemented through choosing the handmade and organic materials like this flat woven rug, craft pendant, and beautiful craft baskets.

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