10 Amazing Ideas of Antique Farmhouse with Best Antique Finds for Interiors

soft flower wallpaper white bathtub white shower curtain with multi ruffle vintage mosaic tiles in white vintage stool Pinterest

Maybe just few people know and even are interesting in antique farmhouse. The style offers unique concept that’s rarely used by people recently, but today I will try to share a bit of antique farmhouse decorating idea to you. Maybe the ideas will give you new inspiration then you’re gonna adopt some to your home. Well, let join us right now and be ready to get inspired.

bed frame with whitewashed headboard worn out bedding with slipcover antique chandelier in black wood bench bed


Grandma’s bedding is a great item to give your bedroom a antique highlight. Worn-out bedding with flowing slipcover like in this picture becomes the visual interest for everyone sees it.

What a beautiful corner where there are some antique finds in this farmhouse bathroom. Three-story mirror with wood-crafted frame is the most stated one. It brings us back to grandma’s era. It looks more classic with a farmhouse sink that automatically blends with the mirror.

Repurposed piece like this window shutter is an instant solution to create a DIY antique touch for your home. Let it bare in finish or you can re-cover it with whitewashed finish for a worn-out and shabby look. Use the shutter as a wall shelf and make it as a statement of room by installing it at the spot where it can be beautifully exposed.

An antique farmhouse with a vintage front door. What makes it different is the flowery statements around the front door. They give new color to this exterior. They make the door looks bolder and more alive. So inviting.

A couple of director chairs have made new focal points in this farmhouse bedroom. They completely accentuate the space simply by their design. You can get them on second-hand shops anyway.

Add a dramatic statement to your bathroom like this shower curtain with multi-ruffle. It’s more than a privacy-fabric, but it’s also an ornate fabric that can create a vintage vibe in the bathroom. Soft-flower wallpapers featuring vintage mosaic tiles bring the old vibe back to this room.

Again, repurposed furniture piece becomes the best alternative for a stylish antique look. Although it looks old and shabby, this tableware shelf can be normally used and it can state the room for sure.

It’s genius idea to collaborate more than two decor styles into one frame and now it’s happening in this bathroom. I’ve seen farmhouse interior facade completed with old pieces starting from the hutch to the area rug. But not the pendant; the designer apparently likes to add something new, fresh, and modern; and she chooses the pendant as the modern appeal.

soft pink bedding black finish bed frame in classic design soft pink walls white window curtains with black pom poms in the edges


Soft pink always looks like the blooming flowers in summer and this color will be sweet to apply for girls bedroom’s bedding. It seems that the bedding blends well with the bed design. Classic and feminine.

Just furnish your entryway with such a simple wood bench if you merely want to create a little antique farmhouse booth in your home. Complete the booth with simple throw blanket and pillows. Some framed photographs also seem recommended to add as the poppy gallery.

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