All-White Home Tour, Airy-Feel & Cool Decor Idea for Simple yet Elegant Look

Scandinavian living room exposed wood beams in white white area rug light wood floors light wood furniture set dark brown beanbag floor lamp with black lampshade J.H Interior Design

A Scandinavian-style and historic-filled home, Hamptons Home becomes our target for home tour today. The home has significant transformation starting from the floor to finish – being designed to be the light, clean-lined, and simple one. Furnished with best furniture selection filling the whole interior spaces, this home, indeed, has been intended as the coziest one to live in.

We start from the living room; white finish dominates the space; just a bit portion of deep color schemes like black and dark brown fill the space – giving a little bit textural tone in this sitting area. Personally, we really love the exposed wood beams. They have presented a traditional statement in this modern room.

Wood element seems a bit more than previous space. It is placed as a cluster – creating an uncluttered formation in the kitchen. White and wood color combination of course gives a balanced and cohesive look.

Maybe we can call this space a family room. L-shaped couch seems right option for huge-party ‘Netflixing’. Still dominating the space, white here has been collaborating with another white shade but with texture: wooly area rug. This addition, of course, will be foot comforter as well as the ornate base cover.

A loft bed will be a great choice as it provides a save-space and practical for kids. White here still dominates the space while light wood ladder has a role as the functional as well as the ornate piece.

Fresh and vivid plants become a great idea to make the space more alive. They contrast against the whole space, especially the wall and furniture – making them obvious statements.

Symmetry seems so perfect for such setting. It would make all pieces well-organized starting from the layouts of bed frame to exposed beams.

Organic wood also dominates the space. It gives visual warmth especially in such all-white space. Wood here brings warm tone and textural color softly flowing in these two rooms.

A garden-like porch furnished in all-white seating area. All plants here are growing and climbing up naturally on ceilings – creating a naturally green shade. We believe that this green shade brings refreshment and beauty at the same time.

What a stunning staircase! Each step is made of best-quality organic wood and both sides are supported with black-finish metal railing for best safety. In the middle of construction, there is central panel that firmly stands for all those steps.

Oversized wall mirror with brass frame – an ornate piece hugely affected the space’s look. It’s lovely to hang on count-less wall space for a wall statement.

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