Get More Inspiration of Minimalist Home Decor Idea with Details of Texture & Tone from Janniche’s Amazing Home

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I’m honestly easy to get inspired by many bloggers putting their concern much on their home decor and style. They aren’t pro-home designers but they’re so adorable to apply all things related to home design and decor ideas on their mind in the real setting, home. Janniche is just one of my favorite inspirations who really care about her home and wanna share her ideas through her blog. Well, just join with me if you really want to get to know more about Janniche’s heavenly home.

Bringing a modern minimalism, Janniche actually transform her home into a stylish Nordic with old-new mixture. But here you’ll find some original features such as a fireplace and wooden floors that visually spice up the home.

Janniche really likes minimalist concept but rich on texture and color. Look at her bedroom; it feels so cozy and warm with these color ideas. The room also exposes the organic wooden as the natural appear; and the striped bed linen highlighted with pink blanket is a genius idea to create a direct statement.

The homeowner really loves light interiors, indeed, and it’s proven with the use of white subway tiles for walls and white bathroom fixtures. She adds some ornate pieces for aesthetic goal.

Let’s move to the kitchen. It’s compact yet airy and clean look. Decluttered things help the space looks minimalist. Janniche regularly keeps the things she loves and moves others to create a simple, minimalist, and well-organized kitchen.

Brass finish gives a bit classic yet elegant touch, and it’s beautifully contradictive in visual, automatically becoming an accent in this space. The countertop also adds a bit of textural look with subtle stains on it.

Eat-in kitchen can have a role as a breakfast nook that’s also flexibly used as another functional spot where Janniche and family or friends have fun conversation, entertainment, or even delish dishes and drinks.

I can tell much. The point is I really love this place. It simply consists of a chair with a lot of frames as the backdrop. This is an artwork.

Janniche has re-designed her living room into such a cozy one, furnsihed with modern white sectional sofa and several throw pillows and blanket. This is intentionally set for more intimate and relaxing sitting area. Feels so homey.

Janniche and husband are the creative individuals. This large wood dining table is just one their DIY project. It’s simple yet stunning with its light tone, quite matching with light, minimalist, and natural concept. Vertical-stripe baseboard also gives the obvious texture on the walls, making the walls’ look isn’t boring.

Janniche says that she loves the grandma’s painting and she hangs it on the wall with photography captured by her husband. To accentuate this space, she adds a small single shelf for installing an accent light fixture and a rattan side table for the houseplants.

In the kid’s room, Janniche adds many playful things like fancy and cozy reading nook (the bench in the corner) complete with cushion, throw pillows, and the most favorite one, lion-head pillow. It seems that Janniche’s daughter really loves lion since I always discover lions in this room. Anyway, I adore the tone applied in this kid’s room. It’s soft yet textural.

This is another fancy spot in the kid’s room. The bed canopy and draperies are so playful, allowing the kid run his/her imagination as a prince or a princess. Sparkling light definitely makes a direct statement in this bedroom.

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