Get Shabby-Chic Effect in Home with These Fabulous Whitewashed Furniture Ideas

whitewashed hall console table simple wood stool Burlap Luxe

Whitewashed technique brings a beautifully timeless effect. It’s commonly applied for interiors, exteriors, and fences of homes, but recently I’ve discovered so many furniture sets are highlighted in whitewashed finishing.

Actually, whitewashed finishing is a particular coloring technique in which it’s obtained by mixing hydrated lime, water, and salt. The mixture is used as an easy and economical method to give shabby chic, bright, clean, and farmhouse look. Whitewashed color in modern age can be created by using white paint color with special treatments.

Well, if you are so interested in whitewashed furniture, here are ten best designs of whitewashed furniture I recommend to you. Let’s check these out.

Add something shabby but stylish to your room and get the most stunning accent with this whitewashed furniture. The furniture is highlighted with old-fashioned knobs, and the color finishing of course produces the effect of chic feel.

Create a special seating area with a vintage console table as the complementary furniture. The spot surely will be the most interesting one as it displays an antique piece used as the reading table as well as book storage solution. Just complete it with simple wood stool with different color scheme for more various color richness.

Complete your classic bedroom with this shabby whitewashed makeup station. All furnishings are classic but the table lamp gives a modern touch in this most private room.

What a gorgeous furniture! The color finishing absolutely gives more antique look.

Whitewashed finishing sometimes becomes an instant & economic way to revive the old-look furniture like this antique French armoire. The existed design makes a sense of dated piece, but the finishing effectively transforms it into a cool antique. At least it looks newer than before.

whitewashed display with transparent glass door


Add a furniture accent to your farmhouse kitchen with this sophisticated display. The piece is completed with transparent glass door and shabbier white construction, showcasing a design with the authenticity of vintage details and modern blend.

A vintage cupboard for vintage collections. It must be unique to collect and to display your vintage collections in such vintage cupboard. You can put your collections on the open shelves and group them in different spots. Fantastic!

Unlike some previous products, this dresser displays the lightest whitewashed-finishing and still exposes the real dresser’s wood tone and texture.

Whitewashed finishing apparently fits other types of color schemes like pop of colors. In this sample, shabbier white dominates the space, but a bit pop of pink in corner creates a visual attractiveness as well as modern accent.

A corner dresser garnished with green wreath & little houseplants really makes a statement in room. A pile of old books here also adds a different centerpiece. If you see in more specific way, the homeowner uses an old & unused window frame to background all centerpieces. The antique knob also attracts me; I never find the same one in any showrooms, makes it so special. And the color, I guess it’s the chippy. Such kind of color undoubtedly adds a character to the space.

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