Ten Modern Concrete Hardscape Applications for Homes

midcentury modern exterior idea concrete stepstones in rectangular shape wood siding exterior wall wood arbors secured by ceilings

The outdoor and home landscape becomes the areas that need to care of, especially if we love spending our spare time outside. To make these areas ‘cleaner’ from bushes and weeds, concrete hardscape becomes one of best alternatives. There are some benefits of implementing concrete hardscape floorings. One of them


10 Ideas of Bamboo Daybed for Indoor & Outdoor

light blue bamboo daybed with canopy and fabric for shade blue mattress throw pillows

Bamboo is unique material for any furnishings. It offers a signature look and texture that probably will never find in other materials. Bamboo can also be used as an instant natural approach to your home, so it’s suggested to do remodeling some furnishings into such adorable bamboo furniture Bamboo daybed


Freestanding Kitchen Sink Cabinet Ideas, Practical & Space-Saver Solutions to Your Kitchen

traditional freestanding kitchen sink cabinet with light wood countertop white farmhouse sink white cabinets stainless steel faucet

Freestanding kitchen sink cabinet is one of kitchen properties that work effectively with small kitchens. It also fits any kitchen designs. Different with most corner kitchen sinks, this kind of kitchen sink comes in large variety. And the wooden cabinet becomes the most famous stand for it. But for more


Add Eclectic Nuance to Your Bedroom just with These Ten Inspiring Art Deco Bedrooms

blue wallpaper gold toned antique chinese cabinets wooden bed frame with curly headboard wooden bedside tables traditional rug nature view hand painting with thin frame wall mounted lamps

Visual arts exactly influence all aspects, including architecture and home design. It begins with the emergence of art style that then broadly develops during early 20th century and becomes more popular in 1940s. The style exposes some particular characteristics easily to recognize. The characteristics include the polished woods, mirrored furnishings,


Indoor Basketball Court, Healthy Support for More Private and Fun Exercise

large indoor basketball court design with high gloss wood laminated floors orange black painted walls

Hi, basketball lovers, you must be proud and delighted when you have your own basketball court in your house. With this court, you freely play your favorite sport even with your family or the loved ones. You’re exactly happy with this space around your house because it’s rare to find


Create Unique-Concept Bedroom with These Unusual Round Platform Bed Ideas

modern round platform bed in white black comforter black pillows earthy brown tiles floors brown wallpaper light pink painted walls curvy media console modern ceiling lamp

We’re used to seeing rectangular beds as they’re commonly used in most numbers of houses. But how’s about the round beds, especially the round platform beds? Actually, there are many options of round platform bed products in furniture shops. They are designed in huge variants of finishing, size, and additional


Ten Creative Gazebo Lighting Ideas that Could Light Your Landscape Up

patio with sparkling pergola black red outdoor furniture set

Gazebo is one of best spots to relax, but when at night, is it still the coziest place to have relaxation? It will be the same if you have turned it into the most enchanting one. The solution is by attaching some gazebo lighting fixtures. Lighting up your gazebo isn’t


Triangle Dining Table, A Set of Convenience within Unusual Design

traditional dining room wider triangle dining table with white base larger L shaped built in bench seat traditional chandelier red painted walls white tiled floors

When talking about the dining room, our mind automatically will think about the space where the family and us can sit and enjoy the dinner together. To accommodate a cozy place for this daily routine, we need a sturdy and functional dining set, and dining table becomes one of crucial


Best Inspiring Heart-Shaped Bed Designs

luxurious & classy bed frame with tufted & heart shaped headboard and pillars addition

When we’re talking about heart, we’re spontaneously thinking about love. Heart is also closely related to couples with great feeling of love. This exactly makes heart so meaningful. There are some people make all things connected to heart (even those which are literary shapes of heart) as their favorite, and


Drop Leaf Table with Chair Storage: The Variations and Implementations

beach style & formal living room larger wooden drop leaf table white sofa wooden chairs with white throw pillows elegant chandelier standard fireplace

Drop leaf table with chair storage is space-saver and flexible to use. This kind of practical furnishing piece is helpful for small rooms. However, it is not always for limited rooms only, it’s also recommended for ‘fat’ rooms in your house, especially those usually used for parties or gatherings. This